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Construction & Demolition - Manufacturers - Apartments - Malls - Hospitals - Restaurants - Industry and more.  We are proud of our exceptional service and prices. We guarentee 100% satisfaction to all our valued customers.

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The eAcademy is the first of its kind and is designed to educate persons who want to take action to become complaint in meeting California's new waste laws.
Cities and their communities can become Zero Waste through your education and the appropriate actions. Only You can make the difference!

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Waste News

Eric Garcetti signs waste franchise plan to expand recycling!

A major expansion of the city’s recycling program was launched Tuesday as Mayor Eric Garcetti signed into law a new waste franchise agreement to expand recycling to businesses and apartments.

“This is one of the most ambitious programs of its kind,” Garcetti said at a City Hall news conference where he was surrounded by the Zero Waste Coalition.

Pacific Coast Waste is a leader in residential and commercial refuse and recycling management. Pacific Coast Waste offers a variety of permanent and temporary services to thousands of commercial and industrial businesses in Los Angeles County.